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Final Personal LJ Entry

This is, in no way, an attempt to channel the Ghost of the Past ala-Scrooge (I mean, who'd do that? It's friggin' warm February!), but... I'd like to begin this post with a Christmas flashback.

In Christmas of 2003, my online pal, ispucian , gave me an unusual gift: a LiveJournal (also known as an LJ). I remember she kidded that what she gave me was 'not a gift, but an additional 'responsibility'". I told her it was definitely not. (Though I did feel compelled to learn more HTML and CSS to customize my LJ in the best way free accounts permit).
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I purchased this album way back when cassette tapes can still be sold publicly for P300 and Comic Alley is the most popular way that we Kapampangan otakus can get our anime fix. (So yes, it’s that long. Now shut up. Open-mouthed)

I played the whole tape over a hundred times: I danced to it, exercised to it (it worked… for a while, and then college and the Internet ruined my new-found mobile and active lifestyle, but that’s another story), and gamely sang to it whenever I get the urge to impress everyone within earshot how I know Japanese (for the record, they were not impressed; they were actually more concerned about why I sound like a kid being possessed by an evil dwarf, what with my tiny voice spewing languages foreign {possibly Satanic}to their ears.).

*cough* Anyway, I’ve been planning to blog about the songs last week, but it was only now that I was able to sit down properly with my handy Photoshop and beloved WL Writer.

DISCLAIMER: Please know that I’m no reliable music critic; neither did I study Music for career (or for fun, or for profit, or for cultural preservation—you get my point, yes? Open-mouthed). However, I do happen to love rants in any form, and consider incoherence as my second nature. I don’t own CCS.

All song details/translations lifted from ever-helpful Animelyrics.com. :)

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A LITTLE BACKGROUND: Daa! Daa! Daa! (which I then know as UFO Baby) used to be one of my fave animes when I was in high school. My reasons for doing so are not exactly rocket science-- I’m a sucker for three things: comedy, romance, and bishounens.

The series is blessed with all three.


(Too bad though that ABS-CBN back then felt that our little barangay in Arayat wasn’t ready for wondrous technological concepts such as clear TV broadcasting. But I digress.)

Today’s post will have hyper Syaowee narrate Ep. 36. After two whole nights of replaying certain scenes in this episode, I have finally succumbed to my fangirl’s insistent rant to be put down into words.

Warning, spoilers ahead.

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Syao Bookmarked: Parokya.com


The “new” official website of my most favorite band ever really made my day! After seeing this link on Parokya’s fan Multiply site, I instantly browsed through the section and purred happily while digesting all the PNE goodness.

What really made me do cartwheels (well, imaginary ones, fine) is the Videos section. I initially wanted to purchase the Matira Matibay DVD a few months back, but got the Audio CD instead when none of the SM Pampanga music stores carry it. I wanted to see all their music videos! >.< Yes, there is YouTube, but despite going through the heaps of cover songs, mushy PowerPoint presentations using PNE songs for BGM and what-have-yous, I feel that I still have not seen ALL of their MVs.

I was right. After going through the section, I found out that Maniwala Ka Sana does have a video. Well, everything else, I’ve already seen, but it was cool seeing their other MVs again. ^-^

Before I end the entry (which is more like a SQUEAL tribute to PNE), let me list down my Top 5 Favorite PNE Music Videos. Personally, it was a Herculean task for me to separate the PNE song from the PNE video, but I tried my best.


TOP 5 PNE VIDEOS by syaowee

5. Akala


This is PNE’s latest MV, which wisely tells us not to be afraid of risks, and then relates it somewhat to the success that this band has enjoyed for more than a decade now.

On a slightly-related note, my BF loves this video to pieces!

Favorite Scene: Green amidst blue :D

4. Mr. Suave


The song that helped catapult a senator aspirant to the much-coveted position in the Philippine islands. It is a funny tribute to the Rico J. Puno suave style of wooing girls in his own songs.

I believe this is one of the more spam-played songs on the radio previously. :)

Favorite scene: Chito emoting at the start of the song amidst soft filtered sepia-toned lights, Chito dancing, Chito, Chito, Chito! XD

3. Buloy


The first PNE song from their first album, which I will not even bother to spell. (Off-topic: I thought Picha Pie was their first song.) This song talks about Buloy, a friend that the songwriter/singer admires so much because the former always has an answer to life’s problems: drink booze. :D

The song itself has a dark tone in the climax, but the video reflects little to none of that. It shows considerably younger PNE wreaking havoc on the places they visited for the shoot, having fun and being carefree.

Favorite Scene: Chito running away from home. XD 

2. Harana


One of my ultimate faves in the Parokya playlist. It shows the gang doing something they probably also do in real life when hanging out—playing with an Abs Flexer, playing dama (checkers?) with 4 players, and doing WWE Smackdown moves on each other.

The song itself though is one of the most romantic pieces I’ve heard, not because of emo, poetic phrases, but because it’s a song that you can truly imagine a typical male teen will croon to the girl he loves. Boyish, shy and heartfelt.

Favorite Scene: Arinola-throwing

1. Halaga


This song made me swoon in high school, and still does: a song of a frustrated guy whose (I assume) female pal keeps on crying on his shoulder because her BF hurt her for the nth time.

Its video though did not choose to literally interpret the song. Instead, it chose to show a hilarious boy-band-MV spoof dressed in what most elementary-boys wear after cutting classes to play pRO.

Favorite Scene: A very inspired spoof of Boy Bands (and recently, Edward Cullen) shining amidst the sun’s rays while riding on a boat.

Syao Watched: Walt Disney’s Enchanted

My product training curriculum includes Netflix viewing, a two-hour streaming movie/buffer experience in a dark air-conditioned classroom of 21 agents munching on Chippy and Pringles right under the giant poster asking suggesting that trainees not to bring in anything edible.

… Um, well, my company did not explicitly state the Netflix part, but since our product supports this feature, then I might as well showcase this cool feature to the folks first-hand. :) To hell with troubleshooting, LET’S WATCH A MOVIE FTW!!!!!!11

*coughs* Anyway, for the past two classes, I’ve seen 2 movies and 2 documentaries: Wall-E, Enchanted, Mary Magdalene, and some documentary on anime and its impact on American viewership. But I’ll be reviewing the one that fascinated me the most.

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